As the 1.8.3 update was finally implemented, thanks to our almighty leader AlphaBernd, we encountered with some bugs. Here is a list of them.

- Tip: add command to ignore particular user in chat e.g '/ign AMERICAN_PSIX228' and after that you cannot see his messages

- Shopkeepers plugin has its own protection of chests, ignoring LWC. The way it is now, you cant set permissions for other people to access your shopkeeper chests, nor you can set flags like /chopper on or /credstone on. This prevents the creation of redstone contraptions that automatically restock your shops with hoppers, redstone contraptions that show shop stock size without opening the trading GUI, etc. My suggestion is to totally disable shopkeepers protection, it is unnecessary, as LWC does the same and better by default. This behavior can be changed setting “protect-chests: false” on shopkeepers configuration file. If you dont want to disable it completely, please at least set the option “prevent-item-movement: false”, so we can use hoppers to restock shops.

- Reactivate the news section on wiki main page. If the rss cant work, just add as a regular page playes can edit

- Merge lobby/harmonia/alpha chat

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